Once upon a time, I wrote a blog about my life. It started out reviewing concerts, books, movies, and (most importantly) restaurants. But, at some point, it somehow morphed into writing about personal relationships, shouting personal viewpoints on politics, and what happened on reality TV (lol).

Then, I got very bored.

I realized I was going about it all wrong and took a step back from the blogging world for almost two years— I dabbled back and forth, starting over a couple of times, but I couldn't find the right project for me. With degrees in Restaurant Management and Video Production, I thought for a moment I should do cooking shows. But that didn't end up working out because, well, I curse too much!

One night, in late 2015, I realized I hadn't written anything in years! I missed writing a blog and posting videos on a regular basis. 

So here we are now: SPonzilloTV/SPP4 is here!

From week to week, I will be discussing topics within the film industry (filmmaking and film reviews), the world of soccer, and any videos I may post from my day job and my photography portfolio. Basically, a really good idea for you to have would be to subscribe to my youtube channel. Just sayin.

Stick Around, I kind of like it here.

I've gotten a lot of requests so here's my Amazon Wish List!