Movies and Mayhem on Investigation Discovery

It’s movies and mayhem this December on Investigation Discovery, starting with the premiere of DATING GAME KILLER on Sunday, December 3 from 8-10pm ETGuillermo Diaz (“Scandal,” “Weeds”) stars in the role of, perhaps, America’s most prolific serial killer, Rodney Alcala, alongside Emmy® winner Carrie Preston (“The Good Wife,” “True Blood”) as Carol Jensen, a mother who tirelessly seeks justice for her murdered daughter. The following week brings audiences FINAL VISION on Sunday, December 10 from 8-10pm ET, a twisted psychological thriller starring Scott Foley (“Scandal”) as Jeffrey MacDonald, respected U.S. Army Green Beret doctor – and suspect in killing his wife and young children – and Dave Annable (“Heartbeat,” “Brothers & Sisters”) as best-selling author Joe McGinniss.

Guillermo Diaz as serial killer Rodney Alcala2.jpg

First, Guillermo Diaz transforms into the disturbing role of Rodney Alcala, a man with a near-genius IQ whose charm and smooth talking ability landed him an appearance as a contestant in 1978 on the popular television show, “The Dating Game” – and, subsequently, a place in history as one of America’s most prolific serial killers. Alcala preyed on young attractive women, luring them by claiming he was a professional photographer who wanted to enter their photos in a contest. While the precise victim count remains unknown, Alcala is thought to have killed as many as 130 women and children before he was finally captured in 1980. Chronicling the depth of lives impacted by murder, DATING GAME KILLER charts Alcala’s reign of terror while following the gut-wrenching journey of Preston’s Carol Jensen, a mother forever and tragically impacted by the collateral damage of Alcala’s evil. Audiences also follow Det. Jim Hamill (Robert Knepper, “Prison Break”) and his partner Greg Ryan (Matt Barr, “Hatfields & McCoys”) on their relentless mission to put Alcala behind bars, and the plight of Alcala’s mother Anna (Alma Martinez, “The Bridge”) as she comes to the realization that her own son may be a mass murderer. From Thinkfactory Media, DATING GAME KILLER will premiere on Sunday, December 3 from 8-10pm ET on Investigation Discovery, immediately followed by a premiere of THE TRUE STORY OF THE DATING GAME KILLER (wt) at 10/9c.  

Scott Foley as Jeffrey MacDonald.jpg

Then, Investigation Discovery doubles down on mayhem and mystery with the premiere of Lincoln Square Productions’ FINAL VISION on Sunday, December 10 from 8-10pm ET, A true-crime drama based on the longest running criminal case in U.S. history, FINAL VISION is the story of Jeffrey MacDonald (Foley), a handsome, Ivy League-educated U.S. Army Green Beret doctor, who was convicted of brutally murdering his pregnant wife and two young daughters in the middle of the night. FINAL VISION is told through the eyes of best-selling author Joe McGinniss (Annable), who was approached by MacDonald to write a book about his personal nightmare as he was about to go to trial. Beginning as a story about an innocent man being railroaded by a flawed legal system, FINAL VISION takes viewers through a twisted psychological thriller that exposes a far more sinister man behind the charming and heroic façade MacDonald portrays. Immediately following FINAL VISION will be an enhanced encore of JEFFREY MACDONALD: PEOPLE MAGAZINE INVESTIGATES at 10/9c.

“As the #1 network for true-crime programming, we are constantly looking for ways to expand our offerings, and I cannot think of a better gift to our devoted fans than telling these intricate and intense iconic murder mysteries cases – both of which played out over several years – as fully scripted movies, starring a well-recognized cast of actors that viewers of popular TV series know and love,” said Henry Schleiff, Group President of Investigation Discovery, American Heroes Channel, and Destination America. “Both DATING GAME KILLER and FINAL VISION portray the dramatic high-stakes of mystery, suspense and gripping emotion that are the pillars of ID’s success and, accordingly, we are thrilled to welcome Guillermo, Carrie, Scott and Dave to our Investigation Discovery family as they channel these complex characters.”

Follow Investigation Discovery on InstagramFacebookTwitter and ID’s true-crime destination, CrimeFeed for behind-the-scenes content and more information about these infamous cases. And use the hashtags#DatingGameKiller and #FinalVision to join the conversation with @DiscoveryID on Twitter during the premieres.

DATING GAME KILLER is produced for Investigation Discovery by Thinkfactory Media with Peter Medak (“Romeo is Bleeding,” “The Krays”) as director, Leslie Greif (“Hatfields & McCoys”) as executive producer, Martin Hunter (“Full Metal Jacket”) as editor, from a script by Leslie Greif & Darrell Fetty. FINAL VISION is produced for Investigation Discovery by Lincoln Square Productions, directed by Nicholas McCarthy (“The Pact”) and written by Denis O’Neill (“The River Wild”), with Christine Connor (“A Crime to Remember”) and Linda Berman (“Madoff”) as executive producers. For Investigation Discovery, Angela Bromstad is executive producer, Sara Kozak is senior vice president of production, Jane Latman is executive vice president of development, Kevin Bennett is general manager and Henry Schleiff is Group President, Investigation Discovery, American Heroes Channel and Destination America.

Fans can check out new episodes of the series on Download ID’s TV Everywhere app on Android and iOS to catch up on all your favorite shows and browse the network’s entire library of true crime content.  

Calling Teen Filmmakers: Toyota and Discovery Launch Safe Driving PSA Challenge

Learning to drive is an exciting time for a teen. But facts have shown it can be extremely dangerous.  A short video that promotes safe driving habits might be all that it takes to become aware of dangerous driving situations. That is why Toyota and Discovery Education launched the 2018 TeenDrive365 Video Challenge

Now in its sixth year, the challenge, sponsored by Discovery Education, invites teens to submit an original 30-60 second Public Service Announcement for 9-12 grade students about safe driving habits.  The grand prize includes $15,000 cash and the opportunity to work with a Discovery Film Crew to re-shoot the entry video into a TV-ready PSA. Teens can register and submit their entries today through February 28, 2018 at

"This contest continues to encourage students, parents and teachers to have critical conversations about the importance of making smart choices behind the wheel," said Mike Goss, general manager, Toyota Social Innovation. "Every year we are amazed by the variety of unique and inspiring videos we receive and look forward to seeing this year's entries." 

This year, a panel of judges comprised of community leaders, educators, communications experts and Toyota representatives will convene to select challenge winners. Since the inception of the competition, thousands of video submissions have been considered, and the effort has awarded hundreds of thousands of dollars in student grants and prizes. The top ten finalists' videos – some amusing and others more serious in tone – communicate the importance of maintaining safe driving habits and avoiding fatal distractions while behind the wheel.

"The TeenDrive365 Video Challenge inspires meaningful peer-to-peer conversations across digital learning environments, with the goal of empowering young drivers with the tools they need to help other students develop safer driving habits," said Lori McFarling, senior vice president and chief marketing officer, Discovery Education.

This year's challenge grants include: 

  • Grand Prize- $15,000 and the chance to work with a Discovery film crew to reshoot the winning video as a TV-ready PSA; 
  • Second Place- $10,000; 
  • Third Place- $7,500; 
  • Fourth through Tenth Places- $2,500 each; 
  • Four Regional Prizes- $1,000 each; and 
  • One People's Choice Prize– selected online through public vote - $5,000 and a trip to attend a taping of a show that airs on Discovery Communications' Velocity Network.

Emi O., Summer K. of Millington, TN made this video that won the 2016-2017 Grand Prize:

Visit to learn more about the annual Teen Video Challenge to help promote safe teen driving! For more information about the TeenDrive365 Video Challenge or to watch winning videos from the 2016-2017 challenge, visit or click HERE.

For more information about Discovery Education's Streaming Plus, digital content and professional development services, visit Stay connected with Discovery Education on social media through Facebook, follow us on Twitter at @DiscoveryEd, or find us on Instagram and Pinterest

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It's NOT CHEATING if it's a Wing Fling!

In the worlds of the VERY wise Mindy Kaling:


This Saturday, October 21, from 11am-9pm, will be the first ever Inaugural Tampa Bay Wing Fling! The event, hosted by Big City Events, promises to be Tampa's biggest chicken wing festival and competition.

"Enjoy live music all day, cold beer, signature bourbon drinks, and fun interactive games like a Chicken Toss Contest, Costume Contest, a Chicken Run, and many more!"

I will be in attendance to throw down some serious wings, and you can too! I'm giving away two general admission tickets to the Tampa Bay Wing Fling! Enter below!

This contest has ended and winners were notified by email!

The contest will close entries on Friday, October 20th at 12am EDT so make sure you get into this before it's over!!

Check out the restaurants that are going to be throwing down here.

If Murphy Took a Dinner Cruise

I had the bright idea of booking a dinner cruise for my wife and I the night before our first wedding anniversary.

Remind me not to do anything like that again.

Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this review. I purchased the tickets for the dinner cruise via Groupon.


We boarded the Starlight Sapphire Dining Yacht 6:30pm on Saturday and pulled away from the dock a little after 7pm. The top floor of the cruise was occupied by a wedding that I immediately felt bad for. I think in the future, it would be in the best interest of EVERYONE involved if weddings were planned to occupy the entire boat and not just one floor. On a boat, there is nowhere to go. People from the first floor wanted to explore the boat but were promptly denied access (which yes, this is clearly a safety hazard).

It was a great night for a boat cruise, but no one told the kitchen that.

Let me start off by saying that yes, this is the same yacht that hit one of the bayway bridges during Hurricane Irma. I was so concerned about this that I ended up calling them multiple times to verify that the boat had been completely fixed. On the way to the water, I actually called Mama D for a "just in case we die, can you take care of River and Kitty" kind of conversation.

My concern and apprehension ended up being not completely unnecessary. Midway through our second course, we were alerted that we would be returning to the dock because there was a malfunction with the water pump. This water pump issue also meant that the on board bathrooms were in-operational for the duration.

So that was fun.

Now down to the food:

The food is certainly made in a banquet style setting: Mostly pre-made dishes that have been reheated on board. Normally I don't have any issues with this style of service. Maybe it was the broken water pump that threw the kitchen off. Either way, the food left a lot to be desired.

Our appetizer was a "culinary treat from our Executive Chef" and was honestly the best part of my meal. The sampler plate had a shrimp cocktail, spanicopita, oyster, and a taco meat style cracker.


If my meal could have ended there, I would have been pleased. Our salads were generic Ceaser salads with a Kraft or Paul Newman dressing and a burnt piece of melted cheese. There was a lot left to be desired from that but moving on.

For our main course, my wife ordered the Chateaubriand while I ordered the Chicken Sapphire. 


My wife had this to say about the Chateaubriand: "The roast beef part of the Chateaubriand was good. The mashed potatoes were a bit bland. Whatever that sauce was (it's a Bernaise) was pretty good and it had a little bit of a kick to it. The asparagus was overcooked."


As far as the Chicken Sapphire goes… well, to put it as nicely as possible, it was an insult to the entire Italian culture. I have never, in my life, sent anything back to the kitchen and I was scared to tell the waitress that it was awful because I don't ever want to be that guy. I did end up sending it back (read: my wife said something to our waitress) and it was taken off the bill. That much I appreciated.

Our dessert was an apple crisp with canned apples and store bought whip cream, which was just sad and depressing by that point. Like, it's heavy cream and vanilla flavoring in a CO2 canister, then shake. It's not hard to make fresh whipped cream, you guys. It's really not.


I want to mention that the front of the house staff was excellent. Our waitress and the bartender have their customer service routine down to a science. They made the experience easier, but also harder to be as blunt as I'm being about the food being awful.

I'm honestly not sure I'd recommend having a dinner cruise with Starlight until their kitchen issues, water pumps, and the like are addressed.

Holy Crap! We Made it a Whole Year!

Just One Drop: Documentary by Laurel Chiten Exploring Controversy about Homeopathy

Just One Drop: The Story Behind the Homeopathy Controversy tells the little-known story about a system of medicine used by 300 million people around the world. Screenings throughout the U.S. are followed by discussions on this health care system hotly debated by governments, the medical community, and others.

Despite organized efforts to eradicate it, homeopathic medicine has survived on the free market for 200 years. While research continues on the mechanisms of action of these remedies, clinical data shows that that the medicines do, in fact, work. Word-of-mouth success stories propelled U.S. sales to $1.196 billion in 2015 for products that depend very little on advertising compared to traditional over-the-counter medications.

Opponents argue there is a lack of quality studies on homeopathic products and that the theory behind how the therapeutic system works is scientifically implausible.

Interviews with advocates and skeptics across three continents dispel the myths and misconceptions, as Just One Drop seeks to answer the question of whether homeopathy has been given a fair chance or not. The film challenges the current exclusionary mindset of modern medicine and could radically change how one views illness, health, and healing. Ultimately, the question of freedom of choice in healthcare is raised. 

The film was well-received during tours in England and Australia earlier this year. As one review from The Optimist Daily states, "Just One Drop may not end the controversy but it will help more people find a solution for many acute and chronic conditions that conventional medicine has no answer for. Just One Drop deserves a wide audience in a time with an increasing need for better healthcare solutions."

Director/Producer Laurel Chiten of Blind Dog Films has been critiquing and influencing social issues for more than 25 years. Her goal is to entertain audiences while educating them. Chiten's high-profile films have screened at film festivals around the world; at universities and medical schools; won numerous awards; been nominated for an Emmy; and been broadcast on PBS's Emmy-winning national series, Independent Lens and POV. Chiten has gained the respect and acknowledgment of doctors, researchers, and institutions including Harvard University and its medical school, UCLA, and MIT for her past films. Her previous works include: My Travels with Oliver (©2017), Twisted (©2006), Touched (©2003) The Jew in the Lotus (©1998) Twitch and Shout (©1994) Emmy nominated. Reconnected (©2011).

To see Just One Drop near you, check out the list of screenings.

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Check Out MAKE, Musicbed's Critically-Acclaimed Feature-Length Documentary Exploring The Motivation Behind a Creative Life

Musicbed today released "MAKE," its feature-length documentary film that explores the motivation behind a creative life, on all major video on demand platforms. 

Featuring award-winning director Reed Morano, A.S.C. (The Handmaid's Tale, Meadowland), indie pop duo Sylvan Esso and renowned graphic designer Aaron Draplin, "MAKE" looks at the hearts, minds, successes, and failures of creators with a cast of visionary artists, designers, filmmakers, and musicians. While many documentaries have tackled creativity, "MAKE" aims to go deeper and get more personal about how an artist's identity in what they make is affected when their ego gets in the way. 

"In the creative industry, the thing that motivates us directly affects what we're going to create," said Daniel McCarthy, the film's executive producer and the founder and CEO of Musicbed. "Instead of asking 'what', we as artists need to be asking 'why'. Our hope is that 'MAKE' will force creatives to question their motives and find a more freeing and healthier vision of what it means to be an artist."

"MAKE" is Musicbed's first feature-length film, which the company produced over the course of two years, and has won the acclaim of creative critics and professionals alike. The film is now available for rental and on iTunes, Amazon Video, Google Play, VUDU, Vimeo on Demand and Microsoft Movies & TV.

I don't know what your plans are for this evening, but mine include watching this. Absolutely.

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In Case You Didn't Know, Today is a National Holiday


HOLY CRAP! I'm old AF!

No, but really... I broke my back this year. I'm happy I was able to walk again after the back surgery, and can actually feel positive about my life. It's a great feeling when you remove all the dread and "doom and gloom" from your life!

That being said, I need some help from you all: I'm walking in the Out of the Darkness St. Petersburg Walk to fight suicide and support AFSP's bold goal to reduce the suicide rate 20% by 2025.

Please help me reach my goal of $2000 by clicking the "Make A Donation" button above. All donations are 100% tax deductible and benefit the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP), funding research, education, advocacy, and support for those affected by suicide.

If that's not up your alley, then stay tuned for my version of the #FeelGoodChallenge.

The #FeelGoodChallenge was created by my high school homeboy, Bobby Chase. Check out Bobby's 2015 video here:

So take my birthday and do something great with it!

Finalists' Films Announced For The Fourth-Annual IES Abroad Student Film Festival

IES Abroad, a leading not-for-profit organization providing access to study abroad and internship programs in more than 20 countries and 34 locations around the world, is pleased to announce the three film finalists for its fourth-annual IES Abroad Study Abroad Film Festival. Students participating in the Film Festival produced their films based on their study abroad experiences around the world with IES Abroad. 

This year, 93 films were submitted by IES Abroad students, which is nearly double the amount of submissions from the Film Festival's first year, in 2014. Over a span of four years, 113 colleges and universities have been represented through 262 student film submissions, all documenting the various experiences at IES Abroad study abroad programs around the world. The Film Festival provides students a platform to voice their global journey through their own words and video footage, capturing unique views into their life-changing study abroad experiences.

"We are continually inspired by the story-telling potential of film, and these student films are a remarkable testament to the powerful role that studying abroad plays in cross-culture understanding and education," says Amy Ruhter McMillan, Associate Vice President of Marketing and founder of the IES Abroad Film Festival. "The Film Festival participants benefit from the inherent reflection that comes from producing a film, and carry their experiences of international study and cultural engagement with them as they become our next generation of open-minded global leaders."

The Grand Prize Winner will be chosen by the public, who can vote for their favorite film on the IES Abroad Facebook page: now through October 30 at noon CST.  

The winner will be announced at the first ever IES Abroad Film Festival event, on Wednesday, November 1, at Chicago's renowned Museum of Contemporary Art. IES Abroad will roll-out the red carpet with emcee Kate Flannery – best known for her 9 seasons as Meredith, on NBC's hit show, The Office – and present the grand prize winner with a $1,500 cash prize and 1-year distribution deal with INDISTRY TV- a first-of-its-kind subscription streaming service that offers content shaped by its audience. 

This year's IES Abroad Film Festival finalists are:

"Sapporo" | Jacob Hatfield | Penn State | IES Abroad Tokyo, Fall 2016

"Solitude: A Companion Abroad" | Ismael Byers & Jake Hatfield | Hope College & Ithaca College | IES Abroad Santiago, Fall 2016

"The Journey of Healing in Japan" | Wennicha Yang | University of Minnesota - Twin Cities | IES Abroad Tokyo, J-Term 2017

The finalists were selected by a prominent jury of directors, editors, producers and screenwriters, all of whom are either IES Abroad film studies faculty from their international Centers or IES Abroad alumni.

"As an IES Abroad (Paris, 1965) alum, and a filmmaker, I understand and appreciate the power of study abroad and film," says Oscar-nominated Willard Huyck, acclaimed motion picture writer, director and producer, and IES Abroad juror. "My study abroad experience had such a meaningful impact on my life that I returned to Paris 12 years later to shoot French Postcards, a film about a junior year abroad. Film is a magnificent outlet for these students to share how study abroad influenced their lives, and their views of the world."

The IES Abroad Film Festival event is an opportunity to engage with students, alumni and the local film and entertainment communities, as well as to raise awareness about the power of study abroad. Tickets to this year's event can be purchased on the IES Abroad website for $20. The event is also sponsored by Charles Schwab,, Lockton, and Marquette Associates. 

For more information on IES Abroad's study abroad programs, the Study Abroad Film Festival, and this year's first-ever Film Festival event, please visit

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Meet The Man Revolutionizing Health In Hell

Welcome to the human breaking point.

2,149 elite athletes have assembled in Bigfork, Montana to press the boundaries of their physical and mental endurance in the Montana Spartan Beast & Sprint; over 13 miles of tortuous obstacles, mud pits, and a range of other hellish ordeals trying to overtake the willpower of its competitors. A familiar face to Spartan Race enthusiasts emerged with the victory. His name is Ben Greenfield, and if you’re unfamiliar, it isn’t just his repeated successes in Spartan Race series that makes him notable, but rather how he is doing it, and how his approach portends a generational shift in maximizing athletic and mental potential.


Ben Greenfield is an athlete that doesn’t need a brilliant science mind training him because he is that mind. With a Master’s degree in Exercise Science & Biomechanics, his celebrity is also growing as a result of authorship in the new school of wellness optimization. This is consistent with the general vibe of Spartan Race celebrities. The organization’s CEO, Joe De Sena, is a best-selling wellness author and former Wall Street exec turned Ironman triathlete. Generally speaking, Spartan Race personnel trend toward broad life successes and Ben is in the wheelhouse of this theme of brains-meets-brawn, like a walking lab experiment for the human potential for which he is both scientist and subject.

...with one notable exception. He is steadfast in only using approaches which complement, rather than override, the intended design of human physiology.

Maximizing mental and physical capacities has a very ugly past in sports, and more generally, a very ugly present in our culture. It is more than jaded fans watching nearly an entire generation of baseball sluggers exposed as cheaters, or the disappointing fraudulence of an American cycling hero. The tragedy extends to the health of the participants, addressing one variable problem- the need for more strength, or the need for more speed- with solutions that treat all other aspects of bodily health as a casualty in the war for athletic dominance. This crude approach for short-term gains at the expense of long-term health is mirrored in our most pressing societal problems. The United States makes up just 5% of the world’s population, yet consumes 75% of the world’s prescription drugs, with a staggering 15 million Americans abusing these prescriptions for recreational or otherwise non-medical reasons. Widespread opioid addiction has become the cascading result of our simplistic pain management “solutions”. Over 13% of Americans now take antidepressants with concerning potential links to psychotic behavior, and Modafinil is becoming a recreational productivity booster with disregard to the stated side-effects.


This type of reckless ignorance in addressing complex systems of the body is what invigorated Greenfield’s passion for optimizing performance with a healthier and more sophisticated understanding of human physiology.

Call it “biohacking” if it involves the healthy upgrading of the body. Call it “neurohacking” if it involves the healthy upgrading of the mind. Both are invaluable in maintaining Ben’s status as a perennial Spartan Race frontrunner. Trending aspects of physical optimization, such as ketosis and quantified-self devices have been tweaked and perfected by Ben’s approaches, then applied not only to his own athletic endeavors, but also by his growing online audience. With millions of views on his Youtube channel and an increasingly popular podcast, Ben has become a true rarity; an athlete at the top of his game, that doubles as the intellectual educator of his domain. If you ask Ben, it may be his neurohacks, rather than his biohacks, that provide his most esoteric advantage. Some 40 years into the popularization of gym memberships, protein shakes, and the like, competitors with challenging athletic or career goals are just now beginning to value the performance of their minds as being inexorably linked to the performance of their bodies. And a great place to start one’s understanding of cutting edge brain optimization, is the word “nootropics”.

Nootropics are substances and ingredients which can expand capacities of the mind such as focus, willpower, emotional resilience, and even fundamental capacities of intelligence like pattern recognition and creativity. Some are common vitamins you may know, some are rare plant extracts you likely do not. Needless to say, the capacities they are used to improve form the foundation of every finish line push in a Spartan Race, not to mention anyone trying to push out of bed for a morning gym session, or power through a late afternoon work deadline. Ben is particularly interested in nootropics which achieve this by working with, rather than overriding, the intended function of the brain’s neurochemical pathways. Simply put, nootropics, unlike reductive science approaches of the past, are designed to increase the net capacity of the brain’s information processing, rather than improving one aspect at the expense of a litany of side effects. Nootropics aren’t new per se, but quite new is their easy and effective use. That is because there is no single ingredient that magically creates a genius mind such as in the movie Limitless.  In actuality, the complexity of various mental functions require what’s known as a nootropic “stack”- that is to say, a supplement containing a comprehensive list of ingredients in precise dosage relation to each other- which each serve different functions for improved mental and emotional capacity. Some improve focus, some enhance emotional resilience, some improve the bioavailability of other ingredients, etc.

In particular, Ben works with Neurohacker Collective, a San Diego area startup specializing in products that designed to empower and broaden human consciousness. Their flagship nootropic stack Qualia is Ben’s staple supplement for mental nourishment which is a woefully overlooked category paralleling physical fitness. Achievements at the outer edges of athletics, career goals, or the arts are a dance between the body and the brain informing its movements, decisions, and emotions. Qualia is one of the first products that has prepackaged all the various ingredients needed for comprehensive mental optimization into a single nootropic supplement, and they are currently inviting the public to own a stake in their mission of addressing brain health with products that demand overall health improvement as a prerequisite for being greenlit.


Ben believes as alcohol begat coffee, coffee is about to beget nootropic stacks en masse, supplanting the abusive use of prescriptions neither designed, nor good for, daily supplemental use. Rising from the shadow of CTE concerns in the NFL and other impact sports, research is ramping up to see the utility these new nootropic stacks could play in the future repertoire of sports medicine and wellness.

As Ben’s career moves forward, his larger mission appears headed for clear victory regardless of the outcome of any individual race. He is helming Millennial athletes to exit sports healthier than they entered them. In a country overrun with prescription drug abuse, he is illuminating emerging fields that can optimize mental and emotional capacities minus the cascading destruction from opioid addiction and antidepressant misuse. The path to clearheaded, scientifically sound optimization in competitive arenas has been as circuitous and challenging as Spartan races themselves. Ben Greenfield has emerged as a champion within the ranks of his sport, but it is the approaches he is a champion of, that may prove to be his greatest cultural legacy.

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