Rental Review: The Transporter Refueled

I'll tell you right now, right off the top of this post, that I didn't like this film.

To be entirely clear, I really wanted to like the James Bond-esque casting shake-up. It was an excellent idea but it didn't quite work out with Ed Skrein as the new Frank Martin (taking the reins from Jason Statham who relinquished his duties after a three film tenure). 

I have nothing against Ed Skrein; I thought he was great in Game of Thrones before he dropped out for reported political issues. And I love Luc Besson; The Fifth Element is a Top 10 movie for this fangirl right here.

I guess what I didn't like is that this film is a complete 180 from the Jason Statham Transporter series. And, that's fair. When you start a project, you don't want to do the same thing as been previous presented.

The difference between the two Transporters series is the magnification of confidence in the Jason Statham version and the lack thereof in the Skrein Transporter. Now let me explain what I mean by lack of confidence: The fight seems over-choreographed to the point that they almost look like bored children sick of rehearsing the same moves over and over again in an elementary school play.

No one in this film seems interested in playing their role to the fullest extent possible. This movie is heartbreaking, to be honest: It could have been such a kick-ass comeback for the series. It's sad to see how hard this film flopped given the previous franchises success.

Ok, so let's talk about the stereotypical plot then: Hot girls that are involved in prostitution need Frank's help to get revenge on the Russian bad guy.

Come. On.


I'm going to have to say that this movie would be absolutely great if it's like 2am and you can't fall asleep: Just put this on and you'll be out in a few minutes.

Happy snoozefest!