Rental Review: The Last Witch Hunter


Oh, that's right. My beautiful blonde fiancé keeps picking them out.

One of these days…

Moving on, I'll do my best here.

Kaulder (Vin Diesel) hunts witches with his homies, Axe and Cross. They get into it with a witch aptly named "Witch Queen" (Julie Engelbrecht). They fight, she loses, then banishes him to a life of immortality.

Bored yet? 

actually fell asleep around here and had to force myself to rewatch it a few hours later.

It was still awful.

So after the immortality curse, 800 years later, he's sitting on a plane and meets another witch, Bronwyn (Bex Taylor-Klaus). She apparently is in possession of weather runes that somehow, Kaulder gets his hands on to stop the ridiculous storm that the plane is going through.

At this point, I rolled my eyes and gave up. This isn't one of Vin Diesel's better films. Honestly, the dude needs to stick to the Fast and the Furious franchise before I'll be interested in his flicks. I hated Pitch Black and I hated the Chronicles of Riddick

Don't get me started on XXX.

Just don't see this, don't waste your time.

 One star for Rose Leslie, gotta love them redheads man.

One star for Rose Leslie, gotta love them redheads man.