Rental Review: The Dressmaker

This is by far one of the stranger movies I've reviewed. I'd have to put it right up there next to Kate Winslet's first film, "Heavenly Creatures", as far as strange flicks.

But it was a fun one to watch nonetheless. This film is based on Rosalie Ham's novel, The Dressmaker.

"The Dressmaker" is set in early 1950's Australia, and let me tell you the accents are absolutely fantastic! Apparently, Kate Winslet's character, Tilly, was sent away as a young child for possibly killing another person. She has no memory of the event and goes on a quest to find out what happened. The townsfolk go between hating her for the past she cannot remember and being dazzled by the absolutely stunning clothes she creates.

I'd like to say that some people might have a hard time following this film, but they won't. Just watch the film, don't multitask, and you'll be able to follow the flashbacks and the tone switches from comedy, to drama, to mystery, to romance.

I mean COME ON! There's a gay cop, a handsome neighbor, a looney tunes mom, and a bunch of crazy folks that have nothing but time to gossip. It actually kind of sounds like the town that I'm from in Upstate New York!

This film spent 13 years in production, and the town used as the fictional Dungatar was built from scratch. The production designer, Roger Ford, felt that no town he had scouted had the look of the town needed for production (and if you have seen the ending, you'll understand why this was helpful). Also, during filming, shooting was interrupted several times as wild emus interrupted the scenes.

Also, fun fact: Kate Winslet learned to sew for her role in this film. She then assisted the costume director, Margot Wilson, in creating the elaborate costumes for her character.

I would definitely recommend this film to anyone wanting to watch a dramedy this weekend.