Rental Review: American Ultra

Before I start this, let me first say that I love a good stoner comedy. That's what this film looked like to me; stoner kid, dates stoner girl and whoops, he's actually in the CIA. But it's not a stoner comedy; it's boring and awful.

I also wanna say, I like that they got Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart in one movie. They both have such bland character deliveries, it's like they're the same person. But here they are, next to one another, proving that even two separate people with half a personality each can't actually make this movie work.

So yeah, I'm blaming the cast on why I disliked this film. I'll absolutely throw my hands up and agree with that statement. ANYFREAKINGBODY ELSE would have made the flick a little bit more interesting. BUT NOT THESE TWO!

I'm sorry, I can't even talk about this, it just irked me so much to waste 2 hours of my life.