Rental Review: Burnt

A Michelin stared chef loses his reputation by acting like a whiney child tries to get his life back together.

If more of my former head chefs had seen this movie, I might still be working in the restaurant industry! And honestly, with my understanding of how a restaurant really works, I give the filmmaker props for this one. It's pretty damn realistic. For example, I worked for one chef that I watched on numerous occasions smoke pot (and other things) right under the hood on the line. Yes, really.

Moving on.

Bradley Cooper plays Chef Adam, who has burnt himself enough times in the Paris restaurant scene to fill up a burn unit. He clean and sobers himself up, paying his penance shucking oysters in New Orleans. When he's shucked his millionth oyster, he goes to London to start over.

He looks up his old coworkers and finds out that his mentor, Jean-Luc, has died. He feels remorse and thinks of all the bad stuff he put his mentor through on his downward spirial. He continues reuniting with former coworkers, meeting up with Tony (Daniel Brühl). Tony was Jean-Luc's maître d, but he now runs his fathers hotel. Tony doesn't trust Chef Adam, and actually thought he was dead.

Chef Adam goes on to reunite with Conti (Henry Goodman). Chef Adam takes a liking to Conti's sous-chef, Helene (Sienna Miller). She obviously dislikes him because he's old school trained (think Gordon Ramsey on steroids). 

Chef Adam then meets up with Michel (Omar Sy), who when Chef Adam was on his bender, Michel opened his own restaurant and Chef Adam released mice and then called the health inspector, thus forcing Michel's restaurant to close. SOMEHOW, Michel forgives Chef Adam.

Chef Adam weasels his way back into good favor at Tony's hotel by convincing a food critic, Simone (Uma Thurman), to come and review the food. The hotel gets a new kitchen and Chef Adam gets back to work.

I wish I could say the story ends there, but it doesn't. It goes on to show opening night at Tony's and the brimstone that comes with a weak opening. Honestly, I'm not going to ruin this one for you, go check it out

Renowned British chef, Clare Smyth, was the behind the scenes trainer for Cooper. She was very impressed with his questions and technique. That's a MASSIVE compliment. I've worked with chef's who phone in their work and you can honestly tell. The ones that love what they do, it shows in their work. It shows here for Cooper.

This film has two Academy Award winners (Emma Thompson and Alicia Vikander) and two Academy Award nominees (Bradley Cooper and Uma Thurman). Right there shows you the kind of caliber that was brought in for this film.

If you're looking for a chef comedy, this isn't for you. I'd suggest the equally well made, and funnier Chef for that.