Rental Review: Cloud Atlas

I honestly believe that Cloud Atlas is one of the most underrated films of the past 10 years.

I've read so many awful reviews for this one that I had to talk about it because I really just don't think that people can sit still long enough to follow the storyline to have an appreciation for this one.

Seriously, turn off your ringer and sit there. Watch the film. Immerse yourself in the storyline and pick up all the little subtle lines and looks you can. You'll need to do that to follow the storyline.

There are six storylines to follow, and I do realize that's an awful lot of story to try and follow in a 2:52 runtime for a film but bare with me on this one.

  • The first storyline is about a lawyer making a Pacific voyage to return home to his beloved.
  • The second storyline is about a composer and his lover.
  • The third storyline is about a journalist in the 70's.
  • The fourth storyline follows the life of a publisher and the unfortunate events he finds himself in.
  • The fifth storyline is about a clone in futuristic Korea (referred to as Neo Seoul)
  • The sixth storyline shows us what a post-apocalyptic future will look like someday.

Still with me?

Now, imagine that all of these storylines are played by the same actors.

That's where people get confused. If Tom Hands is playing the weirdo with the scar on his face, how is he also playing the wackadoo, the author, the actor, and the scientist? Because Tom Hanks's character is his soul, not the human forms that the soul takes.

The concept of this film is so mind blowing that if you dislike the film, it's because you got confused or bored and couldn't follow what was actually going on.

If you have time this weekend, give it another shot. Trust me. Pay attention.