Rental Review: Snowden

I cannot comprehend fully to you how quickly I went on to to get webcam covers for all of my devices and my computers after seeing Snowden (Just to let you know, I got these ones).

Like, you read something and you think, "Oh yeah, I get that it happens. And it's probably happened to me." But then, you see it in a movie, portrayed in a manner that is absolutely terrifying... You get a teeny bit paranoid for a few seconds.

It also doesn't help being out of work at the current moment on high powered pain killers to let that little sense of paranoia run wild.

And it worked out for this movie!

This movie is amazing. Joseph Gordon-Levitt has this way of becoming his subject so wholly that he blurs the lines of reality. Honestly, Gordon-Levitt's voice has completely changed for this role and mimics the real Edward Snowden so closely that it's hard to tell who is who towards the end of the film.