Rental Review: The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking

You know when you have a movie in your head because you saw it SO many times as a little kid and then watch it as an adult and wonder what the hell you were actually thinking?

That's this one.

Dear lord baby Jesus, this one did NOT hold up the test of time!

Having read the Pippi Longstocking books after I had watched this film as a kid, I really understood after watching it again this week how much the filmmakers took off from the original story.

Not only did unnamed characters (the horse was just known as "Horse" in the books but here is known as Alfonso, as well as the monkey being known as Mr. Nilsson instead of Neilson) make themselves known a little more, but also the movie is a retelling of two books and not a "new adventure" at all.

So anyway, the film starts with a happy song sung by Pippi (Tami Erin) and Pippi's fathers boat getting marooned in a storm. She finds herself washed ashore and takes over an old house. She meets the neighbor kids, Tommy and Annika, and teaches them to clean the house while singing "Scrubbing Day" and skating around the floor on brushes. They also dodge "splunks," go down the river in barrels, and try and help Pippi from staying out of the children's home for orphans.

I tried my best to put myself back in the 6 year old mindset that love this film, but it didn't work. Maybe that's because Tami Erin went on to have a sex tape released in 2013 after a former boyfriend decided he was going to try and blackmail her. So like a good businesswoman, she sold it to a porn company first and made a little bit of cash off of it. So good on her, I guess?