Rental Review: Room

Oh my god, this movie.

Room is based on the novel by Emma Donoghue and honestly the first thing I needed to do when the credits rolled is to make sure that this film wasn't a real story of a mother and her son being locked away in a room (sadly, the story draws some similarities from the Jaycee Lee Dugald case from the early 1990's).

Now, to be fair, I'm watching this film after hearing all of the Oscar buzz, and to be honest, I can obviously see why. I have been hoping for Brie Larson to take a roll that hasn't come off as a villain for years (I'm pretty sure I ranted about it once or twice on my old blog).

Room is told from the perspective of Jack (Jacob Tremblay) who lives in Room with his Ma (Larson). If you didn't watch the trailer before viewing the film, you quickly learn that Ma was kidnapped years ago and is held against her will and Jack is the product of her captor, Old Nick (Sean Bridgers), raping her.

Ma learns that Old Nick has lost his job and is possibly losing his house. She fears that her and Jack will be killed rather than released so she plans a way to get Jack to freedom. Ma plans to tell Old Nick that Jack is sick, then subsequently dies, and his body will need to be removed. All the while, she teaches Jack what will happen and what to do to get help.

That's the first half of the film. The second half is a complete flip. We learn that Ma and Jack need to adjust to life outside Room and we watch as the cope with the struggle of adapting to their new lives. I'm going to stop there because you really just need to watch this for yourself to get the impact.

I loved everything about this film: From the cinematography, to the brilliant acting, to the storyline that made me cry, laugh and, well, throw things at my tv. I love a film that can make anyone look into themselves and change, albeit briefly, for the better.