Rental Review: One More Time

I had a little free time this weekend and rummaged through the New Releases on my Apple TV and came across One More Time starring Christopher Walken and Amber Heard.

Christopher Walken stars as Paul Lombard, an aging crooner, and father who announces that he's planning a comeback, much to the distaste of his youngest daughter, Jude (Amber Heard). Jude is visiting her father in "the poor part" of the Hamptons because she's getting kicked out of her apartment for not paying rent. 

Neither Paul or Jude know what's good for them. They've made many mistakes in their music careers; They both have had relationship issues in the past (there is a scene where Paul's children are making fun of all of Paul's previous wives); They are usually in need of second and third and 50th chances (as the title suggests).

Paul's other daughter, Corinne (Kelli Garner), runs a successful restaurant business and has her life in order but lacks any music talent. Paul often compares his two daughters to one another which makes the sibling rivalry so intense I was expecting a Cain and Abel kind of blowout. 

I enjoyed the trailer for this film but sitting through the actual hour and 35 minutes felt like it dragged on forever. Don't get me wrong; there are some very good scenes between Walken and Heard and it's a tame film, but the movie goes nowhere.

Christopher Walken has only disappointed me once (thanks, NBC) so maybe that's why I'm being generous with my opinion. It could have been worse. It could have been better.