Throwback LRI Review: Friended to Death

This review was originally posted on on June 14, 2014, and does not abide by the current grading system.

This week, I received a promo copy of "Friended to Death" written by Ian Michaels and Sarah Smick, directed by Sarah Smick, and starring Ryan Hansen, James Immekus, Zach McGowan, and Sarah Smick.

I'll be honest, I sat on doing this movie review for a really long time. I kept looking at the file and thinking, "meh, I'll watch it another time." And let some time pass and put other reviews ahead of this one.

Sheesh, was that a mistake.

"Friended to Death" tells the story of Michael Harris, a meter maid (or parking enforcement agent) who loves his job a little too much and loves to post douchey updates to Facebook for his friends to see.

The problem is, everyone that he is friends with on Facebook thinks he's a douchebag and secretly just tolerate him. He's fired from his job and when he finds out his friend, Joel, had a party without him, he begins to contemplate how many people would show up to his funeral if he suddenly died. Along with his also now unemployed friend, Emile, they devise a plan to fake his death to see what the response from his so called friends would be.

He sneaks around to watch his friends and see if they actually miss him and finds himself on a whirlwind once someone recognizes him. He begins a communication with an unknown person who threatens to out him as actually still being alive. Then, the whole thing goes to hell.

Surprisingly enough, this is a very funny movie and more so, thought provoking. I was very pleased with the end result of "Friended to Death"