Let's Go to the Movies: Cobb Luxury 10 Theatre VIP Tour

On Tuesday, I joined the Tampa Bay Bloggers for the VIP media event for the new Cobb Luxury 10 Theatre in St. Petersburg. The following opinions are my own.

I was completely blown away by the design of this theater; from the reclining seats to the amazing food from the scratch kitchen to the extreme detail of every facet of this theater.

Far from the stadium seating of other branded cinemas, these reclining seats have the ability to make you fall asleep during the film you're attempting to see. Also available are trays, that connect to the seats via the cupholder and swivel for comfort, which you can grab while you're at the dope snack bar that has the ability to kill the long lines that most theaters aquire.

Gone are the days of the crummy theater and burnt popcorn: this facility has it's own scratch kitchen, Cobbster's Kitchen & Bar. And let me tell you: they put out some bomb ass food. The pizza is made in house with gluten free options that, I'm told, were just as good as the gluten heavy version (there are gluten-free folks out there, so I'm not one to jump on trying food that someone else might NEED to ingest)

And that's coming from a former chef, so you know I'm for real.

Let's go back to the seats for a minute: this theater is reserved seating only. When you purchase tickets online, you can reserve the seats immediately, or you can pick the seats you'd like when you get to the theater. The ticketing options at the theater are totally automated with clerks on standby if help is needed.

The screens and sound system were off the charts for me. As an A/V geek, I was impressed with the booming sound from the huge screen (we're talking better than IMAX) and amazing digital sound system.

Cobb Theaters also does a monthly Sensory Friendly Films event, that creates a safe and inviting space. The lights are left on during the film and the sound is turned down a bit. It's kind of an awesome feature in my book.

Cobb Theaters boasts via their website that they are "the most immersive movie experience" and I'm going to have to agree. Check out the image gallery below:

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go grab some sangria and check out a flick!

 If you're interested in becoming involved in  Tampa Bay Bloggers , get in touch!

If you're interested in becoming involved in Tampa Bay Bloggers, get in touch!