Throwback LRI Review: Jamie & Jessie are Not Together

This review was originally posted on on May 28, 2014, and does not abide by the current grading system.

This week, I received a promo copy of Jamie & Jessie are Not Together, written and directed by Wendy Jo Carlton, and starring Jax Jackson, Jessica London-Shields, Fawzia Mirza, and Marika Engelhardt.

This is a cute "are they or aren't they together" movie. Jamie and Jessie are best friends who live together and sometimes cross the line of friendship (I'm sorry, I don't snuggle with a friend on the couch or go skinny dipping with someone I'm NOT sleeping with). Jamie and Jessie are not together because Jamie is with everyone else and Jessie is in love with Jamie. So yanno, it's one of those. Also, they randomly break out into song, so there's that. Did I mention that Jamie is moving from Chicago to NYC? They're always in NYC, man, I tell ya. Hipsters gone wild in this movie.

Jessie decides, with some peer pressure involved, to go on some rather ridiculous blind dates (which is why I am currently boycotting any setups that friends try and put me on, and there have been more than a few in recent weeks), and finally after a really shitty day, meets Elizabeth. Elizabeth is exactly what Jessie needs.

It's cute, corny and slightly adorable.