New in Theaters: Colonia

Ladies and gentleman, may I introduce you to Colonia, the sleeper hit of 2016.

Yeah, I'm serious.

I haven't heard or read anything about this movie and only watched it because I was scrolling through the movies section of the iTunes store on my AppleTV and saw Emma Watson and was intrigued. When I watched the trailer, I got confused and more interested because I have never heard of Colognia Dignidad before this film.

The movie begins with Lena (Emma Watson) arriving in Chile via her job as an airline flight attendant. She excitedly meets her boyfriend, Daniel (Daniel Brühl)  (or husband, unclear) at a political rally supporting President Allende. They enjoy their time together until a phone call alerts them to a military coup. Members of the new government military round up Allende supporters, arresting them and taking them to a soccer field for processing. A man in a black hood identifies all of the Allende supporters, including Daniel, and kidnaps them to an unknown location.

Lena is released and begins her journey to find Daniel, who is being held and tortured by the secret police. She finds out that he was taken to Colognia Dignidad and she goes in search of him. She shows up to Colognia Dignidad and says "I want to know the way of the Lord" as it appears that Colognia Dignidad is a religious compound.

Colognia Dignidad is far from a safe commune. Lena quickly learns that the compound is run by Ex-Nazi and German expat, Paul Schäfer (Michael Nyqvist). The man is a creepy pedophile and devout in his beliefs, he holds "men's meetings" on a regular basis where female members are beaten.

I absolutely refuse to give away what happens after that, you'll need to just watch it for yourself.

The only problem that I found with this movie is that it was set in Chile and there are no Chilean actors involved in the production. That obviously should be have been different. However, I thought Watson's portrayal was amazing, as was Brühl, and this film definitely got to me.