Rental Review: Fantastic Four

I need to first explain why I'm reviewing this film first on SPonzilloTV: My fiancΓ© dragged me to see this film in theaters and I was so completely bored that I fell asleep midway through the film. That literally never happens to me.

I wanted to check this out again, caffeinated this time, and see if it was just as bad as I remember.

It was: it's awful.

Actually, I'm going to let ScreenJunkies Honest Trailers explain it for me, as I'm trying not to curse.

I don't understand why this film was made. I don't understand the casting choices. I don't understand the director having a mental breakdown on set. I just plain don't get it. I'm being very generous in my rating only because I think of how I'd feel as a PA or editor on this crew, being handed garbage and doing the absolute best I can to make it work.