Throwback LRI Review: Best Man Down

This review was originally posted on on April 11, 2014, and does not abide by the current grading system.

This week, I received a promo copy of "Best Man Down" written and directed by Ted Koland, starring Justin Long, Jess Weixler, Tyler Labine, and Addison Timlin.

A newlywed couple cancels their honeymoon and returns to the snowy Midwest to make the funeral arrangements for their best man, who died unexpectedly after their ceremony.

This is a very underrated flick. It totes as a comedy but it's actually a drama about how well we know the people we think we know so well. It's about doing good things even when people think you're good for nothing. It's about how friendship and families work and how they go about surviving one another.

"Best Man Down" tells the story of Scott (Justin Long) and Kristin (Jess Weixler) who get married at the beginning of the movie. The next day, they find out that Scott's best man, Lumpy (Tyler Labine), has died and they need to cancel their honeymoon to return to the midwest to plan his funeral.

That's where things start to get interesting. They find out that Lumpy was friends with a fifteen-year-old girl named Ramsey (Addison Timlin). At this point, everyone seems to think that Lumpy is a pedophile and thinks he's corrupting the young girl. His reputation of a fat drunken slob doesn't really help people think better of him at any point.

What they all come to learn was that Lumpy is a good dude and he was only helping Ramsey try and escape an abusive step-father type and her mounting depression. This movie was much more in depth than I originally gave it credit for (and I'm not alone in this, a quick search on the interwebs shows that most people were shocked at how great a movie this is). 

It takes a while to get started and it lacks in humor as to what it's advertised, but still... I ended up giving "Best Man Down"