Product Review: Podo Camera

I finally got ahold of my Podo Camera through supporting the company via Kickstarter

Hello Podo 📷

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Here are some of the tech specs via the PodoLabs website:

I decided to test this when we went to New York for a wedding shower and this is a photo that we took inside Howe Caverns:

Granted, I could easily go in and edit the colors to make this picture more useable but this isn't the quality I was expecting for the cost of the camera.

Had I used the camera in a high light setting, I'm sure it would have taken a better picture. The fact that it times out after one image capture and then takes a long time to reconnect was bothersome. It's a great idea, but we ended up forgetting about it and not using it again the rest of the trip.

I'd love to give it 4 stars for a really great idea but for the actual conception and product, 2.5 stars.