Rental Review: Jason Bourne

Oh Jason Bourne… how I wish you would have just faded away after the first installment in 2002.

Oh hey guys, remember when Matt Damon said he'd play Jason Bourne again if it was called "The Bourne Redundancy"? CAUSE I DO!

This time around, we find Bourne bare knuckle fighting to make ends meet, because what's a former assassin who doesn't really know who he is to do for cash… honestly.

There's a helpful little recap if you didn't marathon all of the Bourne movies the night before like I did. Nikki (Julia Stiles) simultaneously uploads a virus to the CIA mainframe while the series noob, Heather (Alicia Vikander), tries to stop the attack.


CIA director Robert Dewey (Tommy Lee Jones) calls in Bournes nemesis, The Asset (Vincent Cassel), because he knows that Bourne is up to some shit.

Kudos to Matt Damon and Julia Stiles being the only OG's from the first run.

Also, side note: Can someone call the camera guy and see if he needs any help? He might still be in the middle of the earthquake that caused him to SHAKE THE DAMN CAMERA so freaking much. I'm all about disorientating shots but this guy doesn't know what the hell is going on.