Rental Review: The Fits

I cannot say enough good things about The Fits.

The Fits is a surrealist portrait of a tomboy boxer, Toni (Royalty Hightower) who works out a a community center that shares space with a dance team. She decides to try out for the team and learns routines, pierces her ears and assimilates into a new group of friends.

Then something mysterious starts to happen: some of the girls fall into fainting spells or violent body fits (hence the name of the film).

This isn't a typical film for most audiences. To the lay person, this will feel uncomfortable and drawn out. But to someone that sits still, pays attention and appreciates film art: this one is for you.

Can we talk about director Anna Rose Holmer for a minute here? Because damn.

Holmer cut her teeth as a cinematographer for Twilight, and I'll let her slide on that one because the girl learned so much. The Fits is absolutely gorgeous to look at. So much so that I'd actually call it hypnotizing.

I'm very impressed and I look forward to seeing what else Holmer has for me to enjoy!