Review: Southside With You

I figured what better way to "celebrate" the incoming administration than by watching a film about the beginning of the previous administration's relationship: Southside With You.

Barak and Michelle are the absolute epitomai of SERIOUS #RelationshipGoals. I didn't think I could love them anymore but man... if this is even a little bit true, I love them even more.

Southside With You is set in summer 1989 and loosely follows the story of Barack and Michelle's first date. There are some events portrayed in the movie that didn't happen on the Obama's first date, but soon thereafter. But it doesn't matter. IT'S SO GOOD.

The essence is that Michelle puts Barack in his place over and over again. Just as she does now. That portrayal is priceless. Big ups to the lovely Tika Sumpter and Parker Sawyers for career-making roles. You guys... You just are awesome.

Tika Sumpter takes on the role of Michelle Obama and did her homework for sure. There is one scene where Michelle Robinson (imagine, she actually had a maiden name!) joins a group that is having fun in the park and dancing. This is an obvious foreshadowing to her very successful #LetsMove campaign. 

It's honestly refreshing to see someone of Tika Sumpter's caliber absolute knock one out of the park. I can't wait to see what Sumpter does next. And for the record, yes I'm biased because she was in Bessie. But still: THE GIRL CAN ACT. 

Parker Sawyers does an awesome job as Barack Obama. He's not super over the top about it either. He's confident and committed. He's going to be an actor to keep an eye on for sure.

It doesn't matter what your political viewpoint is. When you watch Southside With You, you'll enjoy it. Trust me on this one. It's just....

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