Rental Review: The Girl on the Train

I feel like at least once a week, my wife would say "Can we watch The Girl on the Train today?" And I'd have to say, no it's not out for rental yet so you'll have to wait.

Well, we finally checked it out yesterday.

This film is based on the Paula Hawkins book, "The Girl on the Train." And part of me sort of wishes the idea stayed as a book.

I said part of me, calm down.

When I read the book, I read the Audible version, as my wife got me into audiobooks because I was spending so much time in the car (either commuting to work, or getting to a freelance shoot takes some serious time in Tampa. Music gets me so far and then my brain needs sustenance). But sometimes, I don't actually hear what is being read to me. So I actually forgot the ending before we started watching this.

I remember the build up being more drastic. I remember feeling suspense even though I was hardly paying attention.

I didn't feel any of that while watching this film.

I'm really rather bummed out by it to be honest. It's a really big letdown.

I realize you're not supposed to know who to like when you read the book. But I can say with all honesty, even after the big reveal… I still don't like any of the characters.

I do appreciate all the hat tips to Alfred Hitchcock (explanations might be spoilers so I won't explain).

This is just too much of a skeleton when you know the full body exists elsewhere.

Check it out for yourself and let me know your thoughts in the comments!