Rental Review: Solace

Never in my life have I ever fallen asleep so quickly while watching a film for the first time to review it for this site.

I'm serious, I was out in minutes.

Solace tells the story of John Clancy (Anthony Hopkins) who is a psychic. His buddy, Joe (Jeffrey Dean Morgan - Yes, F**king Neegan is in this damn movie), is in the FBI and asks for his help to solve a series of murders that could be linked.

So far we have murder, a psychic, Neegan, and the FBI (insert long exasperated sigh here).

Abbie Cornish pops in as Agent Cowles, or as I like to call her, the one that sticks around the longest. And finally we have Colin Farrell (who seems about as smarmy as ever) playing the villainous Charles Ambrose.

I feel like everyone phoned this one in. From the director (Afonso Poyart), to the writers (Sean Bailey, Ted Griffin) to the actors, to the editors. Even the sound guy was bored with this one.

I think I'm mostly annoyed because the movie felt like it was trying to be Seven with a psychic or two. Like, come on. We've seen that one a bunch of times.

I'm not going to sugar coat it: This one is outright bad.