Get in the Kitchen!! The Future of Cookbooks Has Arrived

If you've always wanted to cook, but never had the time or the patience, your perfect solution is here with Project Foodie

Available November 1 on iOS at the Apple App Store, the new app announced today by The Intellectual Property Corporation levels the playing field between novices and world-renowned chefs once and for all. 

If you've never even turned on a stove or bought a cookbook, downloading this app will empower you to prepare bountiful meals with step-by-step instructional videos (like exercise videos for your kitchen), shopping lists, grocery delivery, and in-app timers. Project Foodie is the ultimate cooking resource, replacing cumbersome and confusing cookbooks and text-based recipes forever. It is the only cooking resource you will ever need regardless of skill level. It's a whole new culinary world.

Like all game-changing innovations, the app was born of necessity: one brother, a chef, trying to teach his culinarily-challenged brother how to cook.  Eli Holzman is the creator of Project Runway, co-creator of Project Greenlight, and an EMMY® Award-winner for Undercover Boss and Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath.  Daniel Holzman is an award-winning chef, cookbook author, and founder of The Meatball Shop. The two created Project Foodie to enable users to cook restaurant-quality meals regardless of experience, by following chef-guided videos in real-time all the way from shopping for ingredients to serving the finished meal. The app presents the entire process in an easy, engaging, and enjoyable manner. 

Courtesy of Intellectual Property Corporation

Courtesy of Intellectual Property Corporation

After years of research and development, Project Foodie represents the Holzman brother's attempt to create "the cookbook of the future" by way of combining the best elements of cooking shows, books, apps, classes, and programs. It eliminates the unwanted features while adding a number of unique, proprietary qualities, and "ingredients."

Beginning with customized grocery lists and delivery, Project Foodie assists budding chefs and aspiring cooks of all skill levels through each and every step with heart and humor. Upholding network-worthy production standards, real-time chef-guided video tutorials take users through the entire cooking process: from the selection of ingredients and tools to meal prep, cooking instructions, and plating and serving tips. The app also shares tidbits about the cultural history of each meal. The process becomes streamlined like never before with pre-set timers, reminders, and invaluable techniques, tips, and tricks courtesy of some of the culinary world's pre-eminent talents. 

For launch, the platform features a library of 75 dishes packaged as 30 curated meals from Daniel with new, seasonal meals added regularly from renowned chefs across the country. Project Foodie offers a free tier with limited meal access and a premium tier is available for $2.99/month granting users access to all meals.

"Even with such a talented brother, I never learned how to cook," admits Eli. "We stumbled on to the idea for Project Foodie together, because I wanted Daniel to teach me how to make my favorite roast salmon dish. Living on opposite coasts, he sent me a comprehensive video for me to cook-along to. We realized we had found a new way to easily share the love of cooking.  Project Foodie is the on-ramp to your kitchen."

"Before we created Project Foodie, recipes were only accessible to people who already knew how to cook," comments Daniel. "Now, great recipes and the joy and rewards of home cooking are accessible to everyone. We are passionate about providing a new tool to allow the whole world to cook.  Cooking should be easy and fun whether you are a total beginner or a seasoned veteran looking to improve. We wanted to simplify the process and provide help along the way."

Among many available lessons, Project Foodie boasts the following recipes at launch. Just in time for the holidays, the app can help you whip up "The Epic Thanksgiving Feast," "The Meatball Dinner with Mom," "Pop's Chicken Parmesan," and "Chicken Adobo with steamed bok choy," to name a few.

Project Foodie ushers the "Mom & Pop" business model into the digital age. Family owned and operated, Eli and Daniel personally started the app to help people get into the kitchen and have a blast while doing so!

Welcome to a new culinary era in the palm of your hand.

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