Netflix Binge: GirlBoss

I'm going to preface this with the fact that I did little research about this new Netflix show before brain dumping the whole first season (yeah, roll your eyes, you know you do the same damn thing).

I mean, I watched the trailer about a week ago and knew it was about the now bankrupt webstore NastyGal creator, Sophia Amoruso, but I had little idea about much more of it.

Then I mass binged on GirlBoss and wasted an entire weekend of my life.

Okay, so it wasn't a full weekend. But it was a good 6.5 hours... and that time is gone. GONE FOREVER.

The show started out mildly amusing. I'm a fan of Britt Robertson, I dig her snarky deliveries. She was pretty awesome in Ask Me Anything and when Secret Circle & Life Unexpected were on, I remember digging her style.

But it's literally not her fault that I disliked the show: It's Sophia Amoruso's fault.

I thought the flow of the show was great, I thought the acting was good, and that's about it. The content of the show pissed me off. I HATED Sophia Amoruso as a person (or, at least, how she is portrayed in the "loose retelling of true events... real loose").

I watched the trailer and was drawn to the world I was a part of: the internet in the 2000's, making a name for yourself, being empowered, and empowering others.

This chick...

The whole thing just rubbed me the wrong way. This is a girl who I would purposefully avoid talking to at all costs (and avoid being associated with) and not just because she's rude. Because she's an asshole.

Somehow the shows direction becomes about a boy.

Yawn. Eyeroll.

COME ON. You've gotta do better than that.

The end of the series may have been me circa 2006-2009. And maybe that's why I disliked the show. I know how it feels to run a website where the awesome comments are what keep you going. But I never treated anyone the way this psycho treats her friends, her boyfriend, her parents, or her neighbors.

Also, if RuPaul is your damn neighbor, you best come with a little bit more respect then that.

I've never been to LA and maybe I just don't get it. I don't know, nor do I care. And damn, do I feel really bad for disliking this show. I'm supposed to be a supportive woman to other women, right?

Well, except for Sophia and Lena Dunham... I dislike both of them.

I'm all for making money, I can't discredit anyone for trying to get that paper. But this show just didn't do it for me.