Gifted, or "Hey look, I got drunk in (what's supposed to be) that bar!"

I was able to reorganize my morning yesterday so I could stop in to see Gifted before work with my MoviePass account and man, talk about a Tampa Bay overload!

I don't think there's anything worse than having to enjoy the best parts of the bay from behind a computer screen... oh wait, yes there is.

IT'S FILMING IT IN ANOTHER STATE AND TRYING TO PASS IT OFF LIKE IT'S PINELLAS COUNTY. This is one of the poorest substitutes for what's supposed to be Tampa Bay that I have ever seen in my life. A movie that tried to pass off a fake Tampa hasn't bombed this badly since Live by Night!

Holy crap. I wanted to like this, I really, really did. I promise I did. I want Chris Evans to be leading man for this but he's just not. I wanted to enjoy the family story in this.

And I definately wanted to fall in love with the sunsets that are the reason I moved here.

But this movie is a straight up fraud.

The only thing that kept my interest was the ever glowing Miss Octavia Spencer, Jenny Slate ended up being somewhat of an afterthought for me as far as this movie goes. Lindsay Duncan  seethes almost enough to remind me of Meryl Streep in the Devil Wears Prada

I wanted to like it. The kid was cute. The guy was semi-good looking (not my type, but yanno). The villain was downright scary!

But it fell flat and it sucks.

 Thanks to my  MoviePass , I didn't have to waste any extra money on this lousy film! WOOT WOOT!

Thanks to my MoviePass, I didn't have to waste any extra money on this lousy film! WOOT WOOT!