Review: Heartland

I hadn't heard too many things about Heartland, starring Laura Spencer, Velinda Godfrey and Beth Grant. Heartland tugs at the heartstrings while proving that it's best not to reinvent the wheel. And sometimes, that's okay.

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Right off the bat, we meet Lauren (Velinda Godfrey) as she watches her girlfriend Nicole die of cancer. She returns home to find an eviction notice and the locks have been changed. Feeling desperate, she returns to her mothers house in Oklahoma.

We find out pretty quickly that Lauren's mother, Crystal (Beth Grant), is mildly homophobic. Or delusional. Crystal is a widow but she doesn't exactly recognize Lauren's grief as anything similar to her own. This would normally be a time for bonding between mother and daughter, but there is a wall between them.

We then meet Justin (Aaron Leddick), Lauren's brother, and his girlfriend, Carrie (Laura Spencer) Justin works for Carrie's father in the wine business and develops a local vineyard to work with their brand.

Carrie and Lauren don't really have a flirty moment, in my opinion, until midway through the movie. They act like any potential sister-in-law would act.

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Ultimately Lauren and Carrie seek comfort in one another and the shit hits the fan in the family after that. The fight scenes are well produced and give you a level of agitation that makes you want to stand up for Lauren, even though she's in the wrong (she is, no matter how you want to paint it).

Velinda Godfrey not only stars in this film, she co-wrote it. That takes a lot (trust me, I know) and it's very impressive. She's going to be a hell of a force given the right representation.

Laura Spencer is someone to look out for. While she's taken longer roles on television series (Bones, Big Bang Theory, etc), she shows a somewhat interesting introspective. I'm certainly keeping an eye on her and not just because I can't resist a redhead.

This is great film but I want to remind everyone that it is not a lesbian romance movie: It's a movie about loss, grief, and how one deals with it.

That being said, I loved it.

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