3 Myths Hollywood Still Believes About Female Directors - And If You Believe Them, SMACK YOURSELF IN THE FACE


Slated's data scientists analyzed the careers of 289 male directors, and 14 female directors, who collectively made all 571 U.S. studio movies released theatrically in the U.S. between 2010-2015. The company's findings debunk three common excuses cited by the industry when deciding to hire male directors over female directors for studio director jobs:

  1. Only directors with a hit independent film (or feature directing experience at all) can be considered for a studio film. 
  2. Male directors are simply safer financial bets for studio-sized films. 
  3. There's not enough of a "pipeline" of "qualified" female directors.

Some key findings of this study show:

  • 58% of first-time studio directors have not had a prior breakout hit (or directed a feature at all). 
  • Female directors generate nearly identical ROIs (within a reasonable margin of error based on sample size). 
  • For every female studio director hired, there were 7 female candidates not hired, compared to 1 in 3 for male directors. Men are hired 2.75 times as often as women, taking relative talent pool sizes into account.

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This research is part of an ongoing data-driven effort undertaken by Slated to shed more light on the Hollywood ecosystem and help make it a more equitable, sustainable and vibrant marketplace. Slated's data scientists regularly analyze the data collected for and by Slated's marketplace to uncover just such insights - and have previously published findings of gender bias and age bias.

The rest of us are just over here collectively rolling our eyes.

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