Live a Great Story Challenge 2: The Why

As a new Live a Great Story Ambassador, I'm participating in our weekly challenges. I am posting them because I feel that all anyone really needs is to know is that they aren't alone. Sometimes that's enough.

Challenge #2: "WHY" Write about your why

Well, I guess I kinda did this last week.

Credit:  Sony Pictures Entertainment

Credit:  Sony Pictures Entertainment

Woooooooooooowwwwwwwwww. Little harsh huh? I mean, I've been asking myself "Why?" for years. Most teenage girls draw the names of people they have crushes on in their notebooks. I kept rewriting "Why?" over and over again.

On the one hand, outwardly. I can ask "Why?" with anything, and people immediately get defensive when I do this.

"Why should I have to explain why I feel that way to you? I don't owe you an explanation!"

No, you don't "owe" me anything. What you owe me is to communicate the reasoning behind your feelings so I can communicate the reasoning behind my feelings.

I might have misunderstood what it means to have human interaction at this point, but isn't that kind of the point of being around others? To communicate differing opinions? People are so quick these days to go right to anger and defensiveness.

I am certainly no saint in this department. I spent a very long time doing what I thought was activism. I put myself in the position of those that oppose what I am and how I plan to live the rest of my life. They are strongly against me and what I am. They hate me because they don't understand that my life is just like theirs, I am equal, and I'm no better.


Why can't more people understand that everyone is the same?


During the aftermath of the hours and early days after the Pulse shootings, I was at work watching video footage of reporters outside blood banks and OneBlood Big Red Buses. There were such long lines of people waiting to donate blood to help those who were hurt.

That made my heart both soar and cower. I was so proud that people didn't care who was in the bar or what lifestyle they lead, they wanted to help. But at the same time, did it have to take that level of destruction and death to happen for those people, who had never done anything for the LGBTQ+ community before, to come out to help.

Why? Why the hell can't we be like that every single day? All of us in general. Why does it need to be in the face of a tragedy for us to act in a compassionate manner to others?

I get exhausted at having to explain compassion to people. I get tired reminding people that there are real people connected to these stories. I cannot understand how others act with such disregard for those around them.

This goes across all spectrums. Why do people think they are better or worse than others?

We are all the same.

Do you ever try to think of why people don't understand you? Leave a comment below or contact me and we can talk about it.

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