Review: Please Stand By

As if I needed another reason to like Dakota Fanning's ridiculous range, Please Stand By comes along.

I know, I know. Typically this is where I would spout off about how a non-spectrum person is portraying someone on the spectrum. But this, like a lot of recent works, is respectful of the situations a person on the spectrum finds themselves in.

"Please Stand By" is not only the title of the film, but also the phrase that Wendy (Fanning) uses to deescalate when she gets stressed out. 

Credit: Magnolia Pictures

Credit: Magnolia Pictures

Wendy is living in an assisted living home with others like her after her sister gives birth to a child. Her sister is unsure if she can feel comfortable with her sister being around her new daughter, which builds a small amount of animosity between the two.

Wendy is working on a Star Trek script that she hopes to submit to a scriptwriting contest. After finding out that she would not be going to live with her sister, Wendy hops on a bus to get across the country to submit her script.

Credit: Magnolia Pictures

Credit: Magnolia Pictures

There are a lot of things to point out about this film, but honestly, just please watch this film when you rent it. Don't just put it on and stare at your phone. Watch the movie.

You'll get it.

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