The Punishment Finally Ends! Maze Runner: The Death Cure

I've given this movie series a lot of shit over the past 4 years and I fully admit that. First, my glowing review of The Maze Runner. Then, my even more enraged review of Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials.

And now here we are. Once again.

With me literally falling asleep for 10-ish minutes in the theater during this tie-it-up-with-a-bow nonsense.


I swear to all things holy, if they continue on this series and make films from the subsequent two novels that appear in the written series, I will flat out refuse to see them. I cannot do this to my eyes again. It's like splashing acid in them even though you know it will burn!

Once a-freaking-gain, Thomas and his rag-tag group need to out-wit the adults. Only this time, so much time has passed from an on-set accident that nearly killed the star of the movie, that our young adults are now in their early 30's... at least they look that way to me.

Apart from not being in the maze anymore, the only thing that really separates this movie from the rest is the gritty vibe they've got going on. It's like they threw this movie in the washing machine with Max Max: Fury Road or something.

It definitely seemed like Dylan O'Brien was over this movie.

And he's just like me in that respect. I'm happy I won't have to ever watch these damn movies again!

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