Operation City Quest, Sarasota Review

There's something hilarious about my wife that not a lot of people know: If there is some form of competition built into an event, not only does she show up, homegirl is motivated like she just heard the "Win one for Gipper" speech (She is rolling her eyes because she has no idea what the hell that means, but she guesses it's probably from a movie I have tried to make her watch but she just can't pay attention to long enough to understand the story).

Escape Room Tampa: Medieval challenge

Escape Room Tampa: Medieval challenge

Subtle, no?

Seriously though. Competition. This girl lives for it. We got free tickets to an agility course: She was the only one that completed the ENTIRE course.

We bought a Groupon for an escape room and brought some of her friends who are both attorneys. It was an attorney heavy room, you guys, and we somehow came through with one minute left!

EscapeFLA: Vegas Vacation challenge

EscapeFLA: Vegas Vacation challenge

After that she wanted to try another escape room so this time, I suggested we go with some of my coworkers. Yes, this time it was the journalist heavy room. We came through in the end with about 20 minutes left, which was awesome. But also, hive mind works better with two additional people. 

I guess I finally figured out the cheat codes to being married to an attorney. Too bad she has no interest in roller derby, she'd be a badass jammer!

Anyway, back to scavenger hunt!

We've been spending more and more time in her hometown near Sarasota and I wanted to learn a little bit more about the area. I decided, at about 1am (yes, still having problems sleeping) to buy a Groupon for Operation City Quest in Sarasota.

She's also enjoys watching movies on other peoples laptops on airplanes

She's also enjoys watching movies on other peoples laptops on airplanes

I have to tell you guys something. I feel like sort of a failure for not knowing more about the area. I have been in Tampa Bay since the end of 2014 and I went right to work. I had been to the beach and to the theme parks, but I didn't really dive into the area.

That's something that's really bothered me.

Honestly, we had a blast and needed a bit of a break from the real world for a little while. I think the game was easier for us because we had a ringer that grew up there, but it was still fun. There are Sarasota specific challenges as well as game-wide challenges.

When we completed the challenge, we stopped at a little cheese shop, Artisan Cheese Company. YOU GUYS. DID YOU SEE I SAID THERE'S A CHEESE SHOP IN SARASOTA? WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME THIS BEFORE?! I need to move into the building or something. It was just like a place we stopped into on our honeymoon in Rome. We spent a little bit more money than two grown adults should spend on cheese, but it was a cute day and sometimes you buy your victorious wife some cheese.

I'm too short to see their book, THIS SUCKS!

I'm too short to see their book, THIS SUCKS!

I figured we both hit our 10k steps walking goal and I hit my trainer apple health goals, we both deserved some freaking cheese, ok? 

It's also much nicer to be able to walk around for 2 hours and not worry about how much pain I am in. My back really seems to be adjusting to my new lifestyle, and, while the pain is there some days, it's not most days. And that's the takeaway I have to focus on.

I think we both really enjoyed the Sarasota scavenger hunt with Operation City Quest that I got on Groupon. My wife and I have agreed that we will be trying more scavenger hunts in different cities in the future. One thought was to use them when we go on vacation, and I think that's a really cute "us" sort of thing to do.

We're old, married nerds, okay? Deal with it.

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