"Some people have bad days. Okay, no. Everyone has bad days. This was mine."

Sometimes I'm asked to review big-budget blockbusters for this site. And other times, I'm asked to review a film shot in my hometown, about an experience a friend of mine went through.

After finding his older brother's lifeless body, the suicide prompts cathartic changes in a young man. A true story about discovering the importance of humor amongst life's darkest moments.

Jacob was written and produced by Bobby Chase, of Next Evolution Media Production, and it tells the story of the day that Bobby found the body of his brother, Jacob.

During the 911 call, Bobby says: "Yeah uh, hey, I've never done this before but I think my brother is dead... I don't know, he's just hanging there, what do you want me to do?"

Shock can be amusing to an onlooker and cathartic to those who go through the situation. I cannot begin to imagine the level of catharsis that this film has given Bobby. 

The most telling points of this short film are the silence; when the background track stops for a moment and you just sit and wait to see what will happen next. You sort of know what's coming but you still hope for the best for Jake.

The issue I have with this short film is the fact that it is a short film. The short film is so well produced. I know the story has a lot more gaskets and wheels spinning in the background and I honestly hope that Bobby decides to (if he hasn't already) make this a feature film.

"Life is hard, and without a sense of humor, it will swallow you whole."

As someone who has had a long battle with depression, I appreciated this film. I cried the first time I watched it. It's hard for people who have lost family and friends to suicide understand where they should go and what they should do next.

Bobby has done everything he can to make the world a funnier place. He started the Feel Good Challenge in 2014 to help raise money and awareness for Suicide Prevention.

This film was a shocked look at the aftermath of a suicide. It's not romantic, it's honest. I am looking forward to possibly hosting a viewing of Jacob in the Tampa Bay area in the future.