It's Been a Long Spring

It's been a long time since I've written a post or worked on #HeyYouGuys. Spring was sort of terrible.

We moved from Tampa Bay to Sarasota, which doesn't seem like too far a trip... until you make 11 round trips for two weeks and rack up who knows how many SunPass charges (that haven't been tallied since they apparently felt like updating their system last month). I packed my tiny car full of boxes and clothes and belongings and drove back and forth, walked up and down 16 stairs (because of course, we had to get a second-floor condo), and suffered through who knows how much heat exhaustion, because obviously it's our bright idea to MOVE in the middle of SUMMER in FLORIDA.

So between the stress of packing and moving and lifting and straining, I finally felt like writing something last week.

And then...

Maxwell and I in December 2004

Maxwell and I in December 2004

My poor puppy, Maxwell Silverhammer... My little boy... My rescue buddy passed away on Monday, July 2nd. He had been with my family since Thanksgiving Eve in 2004 when he was found at the RPI campus. I wrapped him up in a blanket (the same way that night I brought him home so many years ago) after he refused to eat for two days, and we carried him off to the vet. It's one of the hardest things I've ever done but my parents and I sat on the floor with him as the vet injected him with the lethal cocktail.

My poor buddy.

My heart is so heavy, even now. 

Depression is this funny thing that slowly creeps in, even when you think you're doing fine, and just rips your life apart.

And unfortunately, I let it get the best of me. I started "stress-smoking" again and you can't believe how much I hate it. Every inhale I audibly say "yuck" because of how gross the entire thing is.

I have an appointment to meet my new personal trainer next week and I hope she can beat this out of me.

The interesting news is that I'm debating going back to school for my Bachelor's degree. I've put it off for so many years, and the idea of student loan debt makes me sick to my stomach, but it might be time to finish the damn program already.

I'm hoping that life in Sarasota will begin to settle down a little bit, but like most places, it's constantly "go go go."

In other news, I'm raising money for the St Petersburg Out of the Darkness Walk again this year. If you'd like to help me out in my fundraising efforts, please donate here.