Once upon a time, I wrote a blog about my life. I started out reviewing concerts, books, and movies; but, it somehow morphed into writing about personal relationships, shouting personal viewpoints on politics, and what happened on reality tv; then I got very bored.

I realized I was going about it all wrong and took a step back from the blogging world for almost two years— I dabbled back and forth starting over a couple of times but I couldn't find the right project for me.

One night, in late 2015, I realized I hadn't written anything of substance (or up to par in my book) in many years. I missed writing a blog and editing videos on a regular basis.

So here we are now: Viewed & Reviewed is here!

From week to week, I will watch a film and either write a review on that film or vlog a reaction video and post it to my youtube channel. From time to time, I may share filmmaking techniques or behind the scenes footage.

Stick Around, I kind of like it here.